Which CM’s Son Role Inspired In Sarrainodu Movie?

Which CM’s Son Role Inspired In Sarrainodu Movie?


Which CM's Son Role Inspired In Sarrainodu Movie


Allu Arjun latest released movie Sarrainodu is running successfully. Some rumours are out that the villain role is the inspiration of popular politician former CM son. In the movie charactor is done by Aadhi Pinisetty, According to movie he the son of Chief Minister in the negative shades. He try to grab a the land form poor people.

The character is designed like, he refusing to trust and even hand shake with people around him and never respect the people who support him. In movie they showed how the son misuse his father political power helped to his business. Character is being debate in the political parties. Even some saying the role is more resemblance to ysr political party.

Only the movie team can say from where the character is inspired from.