Vishal-Kathakali Movie Review

Vishal-Kathakali Movie Review


Kathakali Movie

Kathakali Movie Review

Movie Review: Kathakali                                        Kathakali Movie Rating: 2.75/5


Kathakali Movie Cast: Vishal,Catherine Tresa,Madhusudhan Rao,Poster Nandakumar,Mime Gopi,Karunas, Lakshmi Ramakrishnan,Sreejith Ravi,Pawan and others
Kathakali Movie Director: Pandiraj
Kathakali Movie Music : Hiphop Tamizha
Kathakali Movie Cinematography : Balasubramaniem
Kathakali Movie Editor : Pradeep E Ragav
Kathakali Movie Producer:Vishal
Kathakali Movie Banner/Production House: Pasanga Productions, Vishal Film Factory

Kamal (Vishal) is an NRI who comes to his native town, Kakinada to wed his love interest, Malleshwari (Catherine Tresa). During the same time, one of the famous persons in his village, Samba(Madhusudhana Rao) gets murdered all of a sudden. Samba (Madhu) is a local leader and kingpin murdered. When the marriage works are going on, the news of Samba’s murder comes to Kamal. And that murder, Kamal’s life where his family, his fiancé and friends are in danger. Rest of the story is all about how Vishal is linked to Samba’s murder and how he fights back for his family.
Technical Performances:
The first half of the film is totally wasted on a meaningless romantic angle with some forced comedy stuffed in. The second half is very racy when Kamal tries to prove his innocence. So director Pandiraj can be termed as only partial success in the film. Music by Hip hop Tamizha Aadhi is just average. Cinematographer Balasubramaniem came up with some good camera angles which compliments the ambiance lending pace to the narrative. Editing should have been better in the first half. Production Values are okay.
Plus Points:
1. Engaging Narration
2. Cinematography

Minus Points:
1. Bad romantic track
2. Forced Comedy in the first half
3. Not so effective music