Telangana Govt New Idea ‘Kakatiya Foods’

Telangana Govt New Idea ‘Kakatiya Foods’


Telangana Govt Kakatiya Foods

[ads2] Mission Kakatiya, TRS government is coming up with another initiative in the name of ‘Kakatiya Foods’. The government has decided to sell and export vegetables, fruits and perfumes under the brand name of ‘Kakatiya Foods’.

Telangana state horticulture department will be taking care of the initiative and the government will export fresh organic fruits and vegetables to countries outside the India and have retail outlets here too. State agriculture department convener C Partha Saradhi have provided approvals in this regard and the project is likely to launch very soon. If is good from the govt side to establish this market. But it is possible with these govt to run with competing with other big market which already established. If it is success.

This is seriously a good move by the Telangana government and some opined that Kakatiya Foods will become a competitor for all the Super Market. But govt should also think of all other market like More, Reliance Fresh, Heritage foods, Big bazaar, D-Mart. This may effect all the supermarket chains companies in Telangana. They companies may not invest further. KCR and Govt should think of that before establishing Kakatiya Foods.