Samantha Converted to Hinduism

Samantha Converted to Hinduism


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Samantha and Naga chaitanya latest photos gone viral in social media. In photos both samantha and naga chaitanya have performing pooja, where as akkineni nagarjuna and few pujari are also at the Pooja. In Film Nagar so many questions raised after watching the images, Mainly Is Samantha converted to Hinduism, most of the social media thinking that pooja is for samantha converting to hinduism. Less number has expressed Is it like a Pre-marriage ceremony Pooja? Let us wait for the official announcement about the pooja.

As we know that samantha latest interview to IB, Confirmed the connection with naga chaitanya. Even naga chaitanya has also confirmed at CBL launch, in chennai about relation with Samantha. As per the sources, naga chaitanya  & samantha’s marriage might be First christian traditions in  Chennai and later hindu traditions in hyderabad. wedding ceremony will happen in the month of February 2017.