Rojulu Marayi Telugu Movie Review

Rojulu Marayi Telugu Movie Review


Rojulu Marayi Movie Review

Movie Rojulu Marayi Movie Review [review]
Cast: Parvateesam, Chetan, Tejaswi,

Kruthika, Ali And Others

Directed by: M. Murali Krishna
Produced by: G. Srinivasa Rao
Banner: Maruthi Talkies
Music by: JB
Release Date: July 01, 2016

Rojulu Marayi telugu movie is a low budget Movie. The movie created a buzz in the film circles because of two producers Dil Raju and Maruthi. Maruthi is known for vulgar jokes but Maruthi has stopped making films with vulgar jokes. Rojulu marayi has written script and targeted youngsters. Although Rojulu Marayi looks like a youthful romantic entertainer but it has more in the movie. Maruthi add every successful element that has worked at the box office but finally the movie turned to be a half baked.

Rojulu Marayi – Story

Adhya(Kruthika) and Rambha(Tejaswini) are close friends and stay in hostel, who trap two innocent men Peter(Pavatesam) and Aswad(Chetan) and keep utilising them for their own needs. Twist here is they love another two guys and they want to marrie them to have a safe life. While Rambha and Aadhya are searching for ways to get rid of Peter and Ashwath respectively.

One fine day, They come to know from baba that whom ever they marry will end up loosing their life in the next ten days. To over come this situation, they plan to marry Peter and Aswad first. After they dying, continue with their life. How will they convince these two to marry them ? Will Peter and Aswad loose their life ? To know answers to these questions, you need to watch the film on the big screen.

Rojulu Marayi – Movie Plus Points
– Parvateesam.
– Comedy in first half.
– Tejaswini is superb in her character and performs.
– First half is the biggest plus point.
– Maruthi’s trade mark double meaning dialogues.

Rojulu Marayi – Movie Minus Points
– Complete Story is wrapped up in the first half.
– Story is Predictable.
– Music.
– Climax no Clarity.

Rojulu Marayi – Movie Analysis

Rojulu Marayi is a Maruthi brand film with Double meaning dialogues, comedy, female bashing and a very entertaining first half. But second half will test your patience. This film just a one time watch.


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