Raksha Bandhan-Rakhi Purnima Festival Story And Significance

Raksha Bandhan-Rakhi Purnima Festival Story And Significance



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History Of  Raksha Bandhan-Rakhi Purnima

The traditional Hindu festival Raksha Bandhan is a Love and Relationship between Brother and Sister.Raksha Bandhan name clearly implies, a protective ( raksha) band ( bandhan). It is celebrated on the full moon of the month of Shraavana and it falls on August 28. Raksha Bandhan is the Knot of Protection between Brother and sister. This Festival came into origin about 6000 years back. Sisters tye the Raksha Bandhan to Brothers. This Knot represents that brothers will protect sisters from Problems.
Some historical evidences of Raksha Bandhan celebration from the Indian history.

Lord Krishna and Draupadi
In order to protect the good people, Lord Krishna killed Shishupal. In the war Krishna get injured to his finger. Draupathi Seeing that, she had torn a strip of cloth from her sari and tied to injured finger. Lord Krishna, realizing her affections and concern about him, declared himself bounded by her sisterly love. He promised her to repay this debt whenever she need in future. Many years later, when the pandavas lost Draupathi in the game of dice and Kauravas were removing her saari, Krishna helped her divinely elongating the saari so that they could not remove it.

Rani Karnawati and Emperor Humayun
The story of Rani Karnavati and Emperor Humayun is the most significant evidence in the history. During the medieval era, Rajputs were fighting Muslim invasions. Rakhi at that time meant a spiritual binding and protection of sisters was foremost. When Rani Karnawati the widowed queen of the king of Chittor realised that she could in no way defend the invasion of the Sultan of Gujarat, Bahadur Shah, she sent a rakhi to Emperor Humayun. The Emperor touched by the gesture started off with his troops without wasting any time.

Alexander The Great and King Puru
The oldest reference to the festival of rakhi goes back to 300 B.C. at the time when Alexander invaded India. It is said that the great conqueror, King Alexander of Macedonia was shaken by the fury of the Indian king Puru in his first attempt. Upset by this, Alexander’s wife, who had heard of the Rakhi festival, approached King Puru. King Puru accepted her as his sister and when the opportunity came during the war, he refrained from Alexander.


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