Pawan Kalyan 48 hours Deadline To Government Over Uddanam Kidney Problem

Pawan Kalyan 48 hours Deadline To Government Over Uddanam Kidney Problem


Hero and Jana Sena party President Pawan Kalyan visited Uddhanam village. Uddanam village people are facing huge Mysterious Chronic Kidney Problems. Pawan Kalyan visited and interacted with one to one people who affected by the kidney diseases.

Pawan Kalyan said our party will constitute a committee to study the Kidney problems in Uddanam. Pawan Kalyan will submit the report to the Andhra Pradesh Government. Government should take action with in 15 days. If Government fails, Pawan Kalyan will lead the hesitation on this Uddanam Kidney Problems.

Pawan Kalyan demanded Andhra Pradesh state and central government should form an experts committee. Government should constitute a committee with MLA and study the problems in the Uddanam Village. Even he gave dead line to the Andhra Pradesh government should react in 48 hours and help the kidney patients and children who last their parents with kidney Problems.

Even the Government reacted on the Uddanam Kidney problem,

Prathipati Pulla Rao reacted on Pawan kalyan, he appreciated for bringing such issues to the government notice. Government will take necessary actions on the issues which are raised by the pawan kalyan on Uddhanam Kidney problems.

Kamineni Srinivas made a statement that government even deployed an experts team from USA to find the root cause of the issue, even the experts could not find the reason behind the problems. The government had sent the samples of food habits, environment and water of the area to a research laboratory in Mumbai and is awaiting for the result for a possible clue about the reason behind the mysterious problem. We started two Dialysis centers in RIMS and Tekkali and is inaugurating another Dialysis center in Palakonda on 5th of this month to help the people. The state government also informed that it is ready to set up another dialysis center in the area very soon.