Mudragada’s Son Challa Rao Joining YSR Congress Party

Mudragada’s Son Challa Rao Joining YSR Congress Party


Mudragada Meets Chiranjeevi

[ads2] Ever since senior politician and Kapu patriarch Mudragada Padmanabham kick-started his agitation demanding Kapu reservation, there has been an intense buzz in the political circles that Mudragada has YSRCP’s President YS Jagan’s support.


While in the media Mudragada said no connection with YSRCP , the latest reports about his son Mudragada Challa Rao (Giri Babu) added fuel to the fire. According to the latest reports, Challa Rao will be joining the YSRCP very soon.


One more news is out that Government is trying to convince Mudragada to stop deeksha. Mudragada kept some conditions as stop arrests, Leave all arrested people, Complete survey on kapu and keep the bill in September Assembly sessions and sent it to Parliament. Already discussions are come to an end. Government & Chandrababu is seriously trying to satisfy the Mudragada demands as early as possible.


Challa Rao came into the political scene more prominently when Mudragada and his family members sat for a fast unto death protest demanding Kapu reservation. Challa Rao even approached the High Court with a house motion petition against the police rule in East and West Godavari districts. After the completion of the Mudragada deeksha they will join the YSRCP. Even kapu buzz is that Dasari and Chiru will also join the ysrcp.