Karthika Pournami Festival Story And Its Significance

Karthika Pournami Festival Story And Its Significance


Karthika Pournami Festival

The Full Moon Day or the 15th day of the Kartik Masam is known as Kartik Purnima. This day is most important day for Hindu. Kartik Masam is considered highly auspicious and a sacred month for worshipping Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu as well as Lord Subrahmanya (Karthikeya) with great austerities. Devotees of Lord Shiva perform the Ekadasa Rudra Abhishekam for the whole month of Karthika Masam to please Lord Shiva. Devotees of Lord Vishnu perform Satyanarayana Vrata on Karthika Pournami. Devotees of Subrahmanya perform Skanda Shasthi during this month. Karthika Pournami is also called as Deva Deepawali or Deva Diwali (Varanasi), Tripuri Purnima or Tripurari Purnima.Lord Shiva killed the demon Tripurasura on Karthika Purnima and hence the name Tripura Purnima or Tipurari Purnima.

Story Behind Karthika Pournami-Kathika Purnima:
[ads1] Mahabharata demonstrates the story behind the Karthik purnima day. According to Mahabharata, Taraka was killed by Kartikeya (Lord Shiva’s son) Taraka was the second wife of Hindu God Brihaspati, God of planet Jupiter. Tarakasura’s three sons – Taraksha, Kamalaksha and Vidyunmali. Usually demons are very intelligent and strong but they misuse their knowledge and powers.
These three demons performed a severe penance for Brahma and got a boon that they would live for thousand years in three strong, moving cities called as Tripuri and they could only be destructed by an arrow which makes the cities into one and sets them to fire.
After the end of thousand years of the negative rule of the three demons, the Gods went to Lord Shiva and prayed to him to demolish the asuras. Lord Shiva performed ‘Rudra Tandava’ (Dance of Lord Shiva which is like an earthquake and also known as ‘Dance of Destruction’). ‘Rudra Tandava’ rocked the three cities – ‘Tripuri’. Lord Shiva’s arrow pierce through the three asuras at a time and the fire from his third eye burnt ‘Tripuri’.
As a commemoration of the demolition of the demons which occured on the Full Moon day, the event is celebrated as Karthik Purnima or Tripuri Poornima. Kartik pournami is also called as Dev Diwali as it is a brighter day for the Gods who fought against the demons to destroy the evil powers of them.
Rituals on Karthika Pournami-Kathika Purnima
Karthika masam-Karthika Pournami Bathing in River or Nadi Snanam
Another important significance is bathing in rivers during Karthika Masam. The rivers have received fresh water during the rain season comprising of Shravan and Bhadrapada Months and have completely setteled by the time Karthika Masam starts.
In Sharad Rithu (season) known for its special Moon light comprises of Ashwayuja and Karthika Months. All along the Aswayuja Masam, the rivers, lakes and ponds would absorb the energy from Moon and get holy power to destroy ill effects during the month hence karthik snaan and one can absorb this energy from the river.
River Bath (Nadi Snanam) Shiva Kartik Maas Nadi Snanam. As per the Science, in Kaarthika Masam Water enrich with more Magnetic Power from the Earth and will be stored in water before the Sunrise this may be the one of the reason for taking a Kartika Snanam before Sunrise.
As in Magnetic Therapy, taking bath on Kaarhika Somavaram (Monday) in any Flowing Water for 15mts. That Human being will get relief from many Health Problems.
Karthika Masam Lighting of Diya or Lighting a Lamp
During Karthika Masam, it is considered to light a diya in every temples. This diya is called as Akaasa Deepam. Akaasa Deepam (Diya) would bring to the top of the Dhwaja Sthambam in the temple. which is tie to Dwajasthambam.These Akaasa Deepam is on Karthika Purnima or Karthika Pournami Day.
Karthika Pournami is celebrated in similar lines of Diwali and the whole house is decorated with diyas. Crackers are burnt on Karthika Pournami.


Performing of SatyaNarayana Vratam
One of the most auspicious days for performing the Satya Narayana Swamy Vrat is Karthika Purnima. Karthika Purnima is one of the favorite days of Lord Vishnu.Hence devotees would prefer and try their level best to perform the SatyaNarayana Vrat on Karthika Purnima. The virtue of performing the SatyaNarayana Vrat on Karthika Purnima is multi folded when compared to performing the same on other days.

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Performing of Ekadasi Rudra Abhishekam
Almost all the temples of Lord Shiva would perform the Ekadasi Rudra Abhishekam on Karhika Purnima. It is bathing Lord Shiva by chanting the Rudra Chamakam and Rudra Namakam Eleven times. Before performing the Ekadasa Rudra Abhishekam the body has to be cleansed by reciting the Mahanyasam.It is believed that by performing the Ekadasi Rudra Abhishekam on Karthika Purnima one would get free of all the sins and would get salvation.

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