Kapu Leaders Strange Allegations On CM Chandrababu

Kapu Leaders Strange Allegations On CM Chandrababu



Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham slow down in the recent time. Once again Padmanabham started meeting kapu leaders on the other day. They sat in Five Star Hotel at hyderabad to decide future course of action. Dasari Narayana Rao and all kapu leaders attended for the event. But Chiranjeevi didn’t attend to the meeting. After the meeting Dasari and Mudragada alleged that the state government is spying on them. Even they said government is blackmailed the hotel management and got the CCTv footage of their meeting.

But people wonder why a Star hotel will install CCTV cameras in the Hotel Rooms or Conference Halls, hotel will install cameras in the lobbies. Anyways the leaders will not have the meetings in the lobbies. Even the hotel is in hyderabad how can Andhra Pradesh CM will blackmail. If a star hotel install the cameras in the Hotel rooms or Conference halls it would be a big crime. So, experts conclude that these allegations may be more of politically motivated.

There is a speculations over the chiranjeevi absence for the meeting. Kapu leaders say the chiru is busy with the shooting of his 150th film. But speculations is chiru avoid the meeting because the other communities anger. Chiru movie release ahead which is very important to Chiranjeevi now.