Hyderabad Minors Burn 3 Puppies, Minors Arrested

Hyderabad Minors Burn 3 Puppies, Minors Arrested


Six Hyderabad Minors Burnt 3 Puppies

A shocking Incident in hyderabad, Six minora burnt alive 3 dog puppies and these minors recorded the video. This video is posted in social media. The video spread viral and the police started action on the 6 minors.

[ads2] The incident occurred in Patahnwadi area of Musheerabad in the heart of Hyderabad. The video uploaded by someone on social media went viral on Wednesday, sparking outrage with animal rights activists demanded a strong action against those responsible for the horrific act.Police said since all the boys were juveniles, they were sent for counselling.

This video shows the boys playing with the stray dog puppies for some time before they threw the hapless creatures into a fire, which they lit using garbage.

The minors were seen holding the pups by their tails and throwing them in the fire. When the screaming puppies tried to come out, the boys threw them back with sticks.The boys are said to have committed the act on July 16. It was not clear as to who uploaded the video.