Movie Review: Gentleman Movie Review

Movie Review: Gentleman Movie Review


Gentleman Movie Review

Movie Review: ‘Gentleman’ Movie Review

Movie Gentleman Movie Review Rating:3.25/5
Cast: Nani, Nivetha Thomas, Surabhi,

Avasarala Srinivas,Vennela Kishore and Others

Directed by: Indraganti Mohana Krishna
Produced by: Sivalenka Krishna Prasad
Banner: Sridevi Movies
Music by: Manisharma
Release Date: June, 17 2016

Gentleman – Story
Movie story starts with two lovely girls Catherine(Nivedha Thomas) and Aishwarya( Surabhi) meeting up on a plane journey. Each of them share their love story about their boyfriends. Catherine tells Aishwarya about Gautham (Nani) and Aishwarya tells her about her fiance Jai (Nani). Twist in the both love story is Catherine finds out that the man(Nani) she is dating is exactly a look alike of Aishwarya’s boy friend too. Left with no choice, she heads back home only to find out that her own boyfriend is killed in a deadly car crash. When Catherine goes to Gautham’s home to meet him, she gets the bad news that Gautham has died in an accident. Who is this man ? What does he have to do with both these girls ? and What is the actual story behind this look alike confusion ? To know answers to all these questions, you need to watch the film on big screen.


Gentleman – Movie Plus Points

  • Nani Performance is good.
  • Mani Sharma Music and background score is good
  • Story Is good
  • Surabhi, Niveda Thomas Both actress given good performance
  • Romantic portions


Gentleman – Movie Minus Points

  • Story Slow pace
  • First half drags
  • Song placement
  • Weak twist
  • Poor Climax

Gentleman – Talk

Suspense and Thrill Movie