Chandrababu Naidu & John Chambers Launches Fiber Grid Project in Vizag

Chandrababu Naidu & John Chambers Launches Fiber Grid Project in Vizag


Chandrababu Naidu & John Chambers Launches Fiber Grid Project in Vizag 3

Vizag-APNEWS.   Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister ChandraBabu Naidu and John Chambers Executive Chairman of Cisco Systems has Launched the Fiber grid in Visakhapatnam. Andhra Pradesh Fiber Grid Project main aim is to provide Quality and less cost Broadband and Internet to each house in the villages. The AP government is planning to facilitate e-governance, E-Learning, Telemedicine and more services to the people door steps.


Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister after inauguration the phase one of fiber grid. He said, “It is my dream to ensure that every household in the State has access to internet and every family reaps the benefit of it. Internet, video and telephone services will be provided at the doorstep through the project,” Said Chandrababu Naidu.

John Chambers, the Executive Chairman of Cisco Systems, a partner in the project, hailed it as a great initiative taken up by the Chief Minister to propel AP on the growth path and take IT to rural areas to bring about qualitative change in the lives of the rural public. Its amazing to watch. Andhra Pradesh is pioneer in digital connectivity”, says Cisco Executive Chairman John Chambers. India is the future. Only use of technology matters.

After the Inaguration K. Sambasiva Rao, the Managing Director of APSFL, project had been taken up at a cost of Rs. 333 crore to lay 23,000 km of optical fiber cable network in the 13 districts of the State, making use of 3.75 lakh electric cables. “We have already covered 9,000 km and the rest will be completed by June/July. The project was launched in November 2015. It envisages taking fibre connectivity to the sub-station level and the last mile connectivity would be provided by cable operators and multi service operators. “Cable TV, internet and telephony will be provided at just Rs. 150 a month. It will pave the way for digital inclusiveness,”

Even the fiber Grid Project is live,

First Live Conversation AP CM ChandraBabu and John Chambers had interacted to the MBA qualified girl from Chinamushidiwada through Fiber Grid connectivity. The girl Nookaratnam said it will help her prepare for competitive exams and jobs.

Chandrababu Naidu & John Chambers Launches Fiber Grid Project in Vizag 2

Second Live Conversation Chief Minister spoke to students of Parawada Zilla Parishad School. 10th Standard student Prasanti, said net connectivity will help them study well. CM Chandrababu said we are going to live classes and materials in the web portals. He added smart classrooms will be a reality in Andhra Pradesh.

Third Live Conversation On Telemedicine, Connecting House hold to the Primary Health Care Center of Sabbavaram with doctors of King George Hospital. Patents had explained the Diabetic problems to the doctor and Doctor had given the guidance on daily exercise and medical treatment on the live.

Fourth Live Conversation with District Deputy collector Office, Tahsildar Office in Chinamushidiwada Village and With House hold people in the village. CM Chandrababu asked Tahsildar about pension and ration distribution in the village. He asked house hold any problem in the village, You can ask your Collector, deputy Collector and Tahsildar and can clear the problem.

Chandrababu Naidu & John Chambers Launches Fiber Grid Project in Vizag 6

Chandrababu had explained each house hold will get 100 free-to-air TV channels and telephone facility within the same cable network. On-demand broadband connectivity will now be possible at different prices. The first phase fiber grid Andhra Pradesh state will be completed by July 2016. At present, this will be available in North Andhra districts of Visakhapatnam, Srikakulam and Vizianagaram. After the state gain more resources then the Second Phase will be Under ground cabling.