ChandraBabu Gets Rs.400cr, Where KCR Gets Rs.25cr



As we know all the Indian’s are facing problems due to demonetization. Both the telugu states people have the same problem. Where as the Andhra Pradesh has less problem where compared with Telangana.

After the seeing the problems of the people Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu reacted quickly, speaks with RBI governor and requested Rs.10,000 Cr to address the issues AP was facing due to demonetization. RBI has sent the Rs.2,000 Cr to Andhra Pradesh on November 20th, out of which Rs.400 Cr was in smaller denomination notes.

Telangana people facing hardships due to acute scarcity of small denomination currency notes. Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao reacted late and asked the RBI to supply Rs.5,000 crore to overcome the cash crisis immediately. November is coming to an end and it’s a major concern to the KCR government regarding the payments to government servants and pensioners on December 1.

RBI has sent only Rs.25 Cr new currency notes to Telangana, which will not subside the state’s immediate financial calamity in any manner.