Brahmotsavam Movie Review

Brahmotsavam Movie Review


Brahmotsavam Movie Review

Movie Brahmotsavam Movie Review  


Rating:  3.25/5

Cast: Mahesh Babu, Samantha, Kajal Aggarwal,
Pranitha Subhash And Others
Directed by: Srikanth Addala
Produced by: PVP, Mahesh Babu
Music by: Mickey J. Meyer
Release Date: May 20, 2016

Super star Mahesh babu Latest Film Brahmotsavam released today all over the world. Mahesh Babu Brahmotsavam is the biggest release till date and has been waited with beated breadth all over. Directed by Srikanth Addala and produced by PVP Cinema, this film has released all over amidst huge fan fare and hungama.

  • Brahmotsavam – Story

Brahmotsavam is based on the Satyaraj and his big family. Satyaraj is a business man who manages his entire family. Mahesh Babu who is Satyaraj’s son. Satyaraj family one among them is Rao Ramesh is always unhappy with everyone. Rao Ramesh daughter(Pranitha), For all his unHappy he decided to get his Pranitha married to

Mahesh babu. Here is the Twist in the tale arises when Rao Ramesh finds out that Mahesh is in love with Kajal. He bursts out with anger and confronts this with Satyaraj. An unexpected incident takes place in the entire family. Rest of the story is as to how Mahesh takes things in hand and gets his family back on track.

  • Brahmotsavam – Movie Plus Points

Mahesh Babu performance and Star attraction of Film.
Samantha Superb performance and good chemistry with mahesh babu.
Kajal looks and romantic scenes with mahesh babu. Kajal is the main twist in the first half.
Rao Ramesh is also an added attraction.
Jayasudha and Revathi are good in their respective roles.
Satyaraj is very apt and does a superb job
Srikanth Addala directed good family emotions, relationships and culture wonderfully.
Interval bang is superb and has been executed quite well.
Vennela Kishore does a good job in his role and brings good laughs in the second half.

  • Brahmotsavam – Movie Minus Points

Story is lagging.
Second half is lagging.
The film becomes a travel movie and wanders places.
Samantha’s character lacks clarity.

  • Brahmotsavam – Talk

Bottom Line Of Movie: Family Emotions and Melodrama.

Social Media Talk
Brahmotsavam scores in first half ALONE.

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