BJP Stall Rajya Sabha For Stopping Private Bill Special Status

BJP Stall Rajya Sabha For Stopping Private Bill Special Status


Rajya Sabha Deputy Speaker Kurien

[ads2] Today in Rajya Sabha voting on KVP Ramachandra Rao’s Private Member Bill demanding Special Status to Andhra Pradesh was supposed to come to discussion. Ruling B J Party stalled the proceedings in the Rajya Sabha, Important thing is ruling BJP has rushed into the chair with a placards on a small issue saying that Aam Admi Party MP who shot a video about various layers of screening and checks in Parliament. BJP demands House to take action on the MP.

Repeated requests from Kurien to maintain decorum did not pacify BJP MPs whose sole motive seem to be not allowing the house to function. Even the chair had asked the BJP members saying after the voting of the private member bill we will discuss the Aam Admi Party MP Issue. But the BJP MPs did not want to run the house on the Andhra Pradesh Special Status. Chair announced that Rajya Sabha will be adjourned till 11 AM on Monday.

BJP think that they are successfully stopped the special status Private Member Bill. But the thing is BJP PM and MP’s are not willing to give Special Status. Those BJP MP’s(Venkaiah Naidu and Arun Jaitley) are not willing to talk about the Special Status now. People of india and both the Telugu states are watching the BJP’s stand Before the Elections And After the Elections.

Before elections BJP members asked in Parliament that 10 Years special Status. Even PM Modi said in Tirupati Public Meeting we will give the special status to Andhra Pradesh. Now the same people saying No Special Status. Both the National Parties are playing with people of Andhra Pradesh. People of India & Telugu States are observing, they will reply in the next elections.