BJP helping YSRCP To Win in Vizag

BJP helping YSRCP To Win in Vizag


BJP’s helping hand to Jagan in Vizag

[ads2] AP BJP state unit appear to be attempting to push TDP out of the alliance indirectly. The BJP driven by anti-Naidu faction is eager to severing ties with TDP earlier than 2019 elections mostly because of the personal issues with the AP Chief Minister.

So as to ensure that the alliance is unsettled they’re demanding not less than forty per cent of the GVMC wards to contest. BJP won Visakhapatnam Parliament section and an MLA under it. Whereas Vizag people believe that the BJP won with the help of TDP, However saffron Party feels that they won due to Modi wave.

However TDP is very keen not to give so many seats, since things have changed drastically from 2014 and BJP will lose all the seats. Particularly the people of Visakhapatnam is more angry on BJP for defying all the promises made during 2014 elections. People is angry because of bjp no to Special Status and Vizag Railway Zone. They are very angry that even a simple demand like Railway Zone can not be granted. Allotting 40% seats to BJP is equal to giving those seats with out contest to YSR Congress, People’s opine.


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