Amaravati Metro Rail Calls 4 Routes Tenders

Amaravati Metro Rail Calls 4 Routes Tenders



Andhra Pradesh is starting it’s capital journey. AP Government is having funds problems to the capital, Even the opposition part approached courts to stop the new capital. After all this problems, Andhra Pradesh government has started Amaravati Metro Rail.

Amaravati Metro Rail corporation has started his work in construction of the metro rail in the capital region. AMRC (Amaravati Metro Rail corporation) has called out tenders for Metro Rail works with a deadline of 19th January. The total budget anticipated for the same was stated as 1800 crores approximately.

AMRC rail works would be held in two routes extending 26KM. One between Pandit Nehru Bus station and Nidamanuru and the other connecting Pandit Nehru Bus station and Penamaluru.

Even Two(Eluru and Bandar) individual route tenders were called by AMRC. Eluru Road corridor tender is also called by the AMRC. Individual tenders were called for Eluru Road corridor with 969 crores and Bandar corridor with 831 cores.

The metro work has been delayed for quite a long period due to lack of funds and finally the huge project got the green signal to go. Reports say that State government has already released 300 core to Amaravati Metro Rail corporation for land recovery.